Carpenter Trade School

There are a variety of ways one can become a carpenter, and carpentry schools are one of them. Many of these trade schools offer an array of programs, from carpentry to construction management. Depending upon your field of interest you can gain valuable knowledge and experience in these schools.

Description of Carpenter School Programs

Some schools like the North American Trade School offers a Construction Training program that includes learning the various kinds of jobs that you will typically find on a construction site, such as: Carpentry, Millwork, Interior Framing, Exterior Finishes and Roofing. Learning these job skills will be valuable for finding work in the construction field. Construction training schools are designed to teach you everything you need to know about the field through hands on training and education that provides solutions to problems you will likely encounter in the field. The NA Trade School also offers specialty courses in construction projects that include: Electrical Training, HVAC Maintenance and Repair and Welding. These are great areas for someone who wants to work in a specialized area of construction. The school combines classroom, lab and hands-on training in the residential construction and remodeling fields. This program is taught over 39 weeks by experienced instructors who have worked in the field for decades.

Fortis Institute is another school that offers both a Carpentry program and a Construction Management program. Their carpentry school program prepares a student for an entry-level position in the field of construction. This program covers areas like OSHA and safety regulations, concrete construction, framing, interior and exterior finishes, masonry, print reading, building codes and math for carpenters. Techniques and materials used in construction are also taught throughout the course using hands-on demonstrations and theory. Other topics are incorporated in the lessons including; interviewing skills, human relations, resume preparation, techniques of finding and retaining a job, professional behavior and appearance, ethics, and workplace dynamics. Students completing the program will have the knowledge to work on a framing crew, lay various types of flooring, pour and finish concrete, hang and finish drywall, layout and frame stairs, apply various types of molding and apply exterior finishes to a building. Their construction management program prepares a student for an entry-level position in building construction with an emphasis in construction management. Students will learn a variety of topics similar to the carpentry program, but with additional classes in small business management, accounting and technical writing.

The New England Institute of Technology offers associate and bachelor degrees in the field of construction and carpentry. The Architectural Building Engineering Technology program offers both an associate degree and a bachelor degree. This program combines the art of designing buildings in the context of their fundamental systems and components with the engineering and technical concepts of construction. The premise of this program is that buildings are designed and constructed using the team concept. As an integral member of the team, the architectural engineer must have the ability to create and construct buildings that will meet the economic, technical, safety and aesthetic requirements of a project. Students will develop the necessary skills by learning the fundamentals of architectural design combined with the scientific and engineering aspects of construction, planning, structures and environmental systems. The associate degree program educates students in the basic skills of design, drafting, CAD, graphic communications, construction documents, construction concepts and techniques and materials. Upon completion of the associate degree program, students may continue into the bachelor program. Graduates from other programs may also apply for the bachelor program. New England Institute of Technology also offers the following construction and carpentry school programs: BA in Construction Management, AA and BA in Interior Design, BA's in Electrical Engineering, Architectural Building Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

There are a variety of trade schools that offer programs in carpentry and/or construction. These schools are a great way to gain the skills and knowledge you will need to pursue a career in carpentry. Most of these schools offer job placement assistance upon successful completion of their programs.