Description of Carpenter Jobs

The definition of a carpenter is: A skilled worker who makes, finishes, and repairs wooden objects and structures. The U.S. Bureau of Labor breaks carpentry down into two categories: carpenters and woodworkers. They define carpenters as people who construct and repair building frameworks and structures; such as doorways, stairways, partitions and rafters, which are all made from wood and other materials. They may also install kitchen cabinets, siding and drywall. A woodworker builds a variety of products, such as furniture and cabinets, using wood.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates that employment of carpenters will grow 20% by 2020. As the construction industry rebounds from the recent recession, job prospects should improve over the next decade. The expectation for employment of woodworkers is projected to grow 18% by 2020; this is about average for most occupations.

Various Carpentry Jobs Described

There are a variety of jobs that fall under the term carpenter. Some of them include the following: cabinet maker, interior systems carpentry, millwright, pile driver and construction carpenter. We will cover the job description of some different types of carpenters.

Carpentry is the largest construction trade, and about 32% of all carpenters are self employed. Carpenters build wood framing for houses, decks, stairs, roofs and sheaths, as well as forms for frame and concrete buildings, walls, columns, stairs and footings. Carpentry jobs also include making and installing cabinets, siding, wood flooring and ceilings to name a few. They need to follow building and blueprint plans to meet client needs. Inspecting and replacing damaged framework or other structures is part of their duties. Carpenters use many different hand and power tools to shape and cut wood, fiberglass, plastic or drywall. Tools commonly used include levels, squares, chisels, sanders, nail guns and circular saws. They need to measure accurately and calculate dimensions correctly.

The job of a cabinet maker is to cut, shape and assemble wooden articles. They may also set up and operate a variety of woodworking machines, like power saws, jointers and mortisers to cut, surface and shape lumber or to make parts for wood products. Tasks may include verifying dimensions, checking the quality and fit of pieces in order to ensure adherence to specifications. Cabinet makers install hardware such as drawer pulls, hinges and catches, while also installing or repairing furniture.

An interior systems carpenter job description is to repair, install, remodel, renovate and dismantle equipment and material such as acoustical ceilings, clean rooms, metal wall framing, raised floors, dry wall, wall partitions and furniture systems. This type of carpenter must have the ability to read and interpret blueprints, specification books and schematics supplied by architects and manufacturers. The need to coordinate and schedule work with other tradesmen, while having a basic understanding of carpenter tools, equipment, lasers, mechanical tools and welding.

A pile driver lays out, cuts, splices and drives wood, metal or concrete piling which includes sheet piling, H-beams, I-beams, pilecap and all welding to piling that is embedded into the ground for supporting purposes.

A construction carpenter job is to work with materials of wood, structural steel, light gauge steel, plastics, fiber, cork and composite. They set and install concrete forms, building frameworks including; joists, rafters, partitions, stairways, doors, windows, door frames, fixtures, sheathing, roofing, hardwood floors, cabinets, interior trim, countertops, siding drywall and insulation. These carpenters must be able to read and interpret blueprints, schematics and specifications supplied by manufacturers and architects. They must also have a basic use of carpenter tools, mechanical tools, rigging and welding tools.

Carpenters and woodworkers have a variety of duties and tasks. Carpentry is a very physical job and one must be in good physical health to handle all the standing, lifting, squatting and bending that is required.